Kitchen Remodeling


  • Model: Kitchen Renovation
  • Client: Mr. & Mrs. Gamailini
  • Location: The Woodlands
  • Model: 2015
  • Value: $10.000
  • Architects: Levi Moran - Levi Homes LLC


This very unique kitchen remodeling project presented multiple challenges in the design phase. Galley kitchen is a kitchen that is built on two walls parallel to each other. The kitchen is narrow and long and our challenge was to make the space as functional and suitable to the owner’s needs. We removed a big patio door and made it into a window, that allowed us to gain more counter space and a small desk. Instead of the old A/C vents that we had in the kitchen ceiling in a completely dysfunctional location, we added a metal industrial air duct for better air distribution and we painted it red to match our knobs on the cook top. This kitchen features pull outs in every cabinet, trash pull out, pull down panels at all the dead spaces, three huge pantry cabinets, glass doors, under cabinet lighting, open shelves at the edges of each section, huge drawers for pot and pans and much more. We love kitchen project so much because they present so many options and we love the challenge of tailoring the dream kitchen to suit the needs of each and every one of our customers.
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