Kitchen Remodeling

Houstonians know that the kitchen is the center of every gathering and the heart of every home. That makes any kitchen remodel an important improvement to your home.

Design Your Dream Kitchen In Houston

We at Levi Homes understand what’s important to you and we want for you to have that dream kitchen you have always wanted. We want to help you not only by design and build your new kitchen, but to add value to your home.

Kitchen remodels are very exciting; however it can be very intense and complex if you are trying to do it yourself. That’s why our experienced staff, designers and craftsmen can make an already stressful experience into an easy and enjoyable one. Levi Homes stands behind its values and as one of the fastest growing kitchen remodeling companies in Houston; we also stand by our clients.

Levi Homes does not just design a kitchen remodel; we put our heart and soul into the design. When planning the design we take everything into consideration, whether you are having a gathering, your family meals to coffee or some wine with your best friend or neighbor, these are all important factors. We want to build a kitchen that revolves around your needs and wants, a kitchen that is inviting and worth coming home too.

free in home consultation for your next designer kitchen

Our free in home consultation can help you understand all the options and the potential you may have in your kitchen renovation project. Our kitchen design experts can give you so many amazing kitchen design ideas you were not even awar

e of, because we don’t want our clients to go through the agony associated with missing a feature that they were not even aware of its existing.
Kitchen remodeling design should start from: Deciding on your new Kitchen floor plan, then the next step will be choosing the storage system, the kitchen cabinets can include many features such as roll out shelves, divided drawers, lazy Susan, storage space for small appliances, soft close hinges and drawers. The sizing of the cabinets will usually surround the kitchen appliances so it is very crucial to make selections on the appliances a head of time. After the cabinets are selected the next step will be to choose the kitchen flooring, the kitchen back-splash and the kitchen counter tops.

During the consultation meeting you’ll be advised of what wall covering are easy to clean, what flooring material are durable and easy to maintain, We will make sure that all the material selections are up to date so your kitchen will be not only functional but also very attractive and inviting. The kitchen sink, refrigerator and cook top will be conveniently located for the ease of use. In other words Levi Homes will do the thinking but you will make the decisions.

Let Us Visit & Consult For Free – We Will Make Your Kitchen Design Dream Come True.

Whether you are doing a complete remodel or just changing a few things we want your next remodel to also add value to your home. We at Levi Homes believe that you should invest your money and not just spend it. It’s important to know that if you choose to sell your home in the future the money that was invested into the project will add value to your home.
Call us today 713-522-5715 and let the Levi Homes design team take your next kitchen remodeling project to its full potential. We build and design kitchens for a better you.

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