Entire Home Renovation

The package deal: One of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of your remodeling projects is to do an entire home renovation or combine multiple projects into one big project. When homeowners are looking at remodeling projects that are needed, most will do one project at a time costing homeowners 20-40% more per project. Entire home renovation or combining multiple projects is an easy way to get all those remodeling projects done all at once and saving homeowner’s time and money.

Let us make it happen: The design team at Levi Homes will work hard to make your next home improvement project as smooth as possible. Whether you are looking to update to wood floors, change out those old cabinets or remove walls to create a more open area, we are here to help guide you in the right direction. We have a wide variety of craftsmen in all areas of skilled trades. So you only have to deal with one entity who will manage the entire process for you.

Don’t move Improve: After living in a house for several years every family is getting to the phase that they have to move or improve. Home restoration or home renovations can help you to stay at your home and your neighborhood. You get to keep the kids in the same schools, and by staying at your house you are not taking the chance of having a great house among horrible neighbors. When we completely renovate your house it will be as good as new. We can add rooms, change layout and make every design flaw that you are already familiar with disappear and improved. If you move into a new house you will find a lot of those flaws but then it will be too late because you already bought the house.

Complete home remodeling usually includes: Kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, room addition, bathroom addition, Windows and doors replacement, Trim upgrade, flooring replacement, Siding replacement, Repair existing property damages, full interior and exterior paint, add a double car garage, Roofing replacement, second floor addition.

How much does it cost to do a complete home renovation? A complete home renovation will usually start from $100 per sq.ft if you don’t have any structural work that needs to be done. For room additions you want to figure $150 per sq.ft as your starting point assuming your room addition will be a minimum of 500 sq.ft.

We will walk with you through the entire process: As a client of Levi Homes we will walk you through the entire process so you will be abreast of what we are doing, what is the next step, how long till completion and set up meetings to discuss changes or updates. We keep you in the loop and get you involved when making important decisions; giving you peace of mind. We are not only involved in every aspect of the project, we also inspect what we expect so we see the project through our clients eyes.

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