Houston Luxury Condos Remodeling

High-rise remodeling projects are very challenging as the common remodeler very often may not be familiar with all the restrictions and challenges associated with the type of work.

Each condominium in a high-rise has a lot of features that won’t be found in a regular house. Features such as but not limited to: concrete ceilings, sprinkler systems, metal framing, and shared plumbing with neighbors.  Unlike regular projects, most of the high-rise’s management and engineering departments won’t allow changes to be made to any plumbing behind walls or under the floors. In some cases, some properties will allow (under strict regulations) toilet and bathtubs locations to be moved by extending pipes to the desired location, which will increase cost.

Changing the floors in a high-rise may sound like a simple remodeling tweak, however every time floors are replaced, there are very strict requirements associated with sound absorption and insulation.  There are very specific underlayments that are qualified to meet those requirements. Failure to find the right product can cause the high-rise management companies to stop projects in full.

Other restrictions and challenges that will disqualify a lot of companies to perform work in these buildings are the types of insurance coverage required by the Home Owner Associations. All workers involved in the project must be registered and present ID on a daily basis. Each project must be approved by the building’s engineering department by submitting a set of plans specifying in great detail all structural, plumbing, electrical and AC related modifications. The same set of plans will also have to be approved by the City of Houston, and unlike a residential project, high-rises are categorized as commercial projects and subject to many more restrictions.  Operating hours are typically Monday through Friday 9-5 which combined with limited access to the unit (use of elevators) and limited parking space can cause great loss of time when carrying supplies and tools and removing debris.

High-rise condominiums and lofts remodeling projects add value and have return on investments. The view and the physical location of each unit is unique, therefore these properties are very desirable and high demand. It is our specialty to take an average unit and convert it to a very exclusive and luxurious living space.  We pride ourselves with our creativity and the ability to do what the majority cannot.

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