Structural Repairs and Modifications

Why Levi Homes? Levi Homes has specialized in structural corrections and modifications since 2003. We are experts in repair, modification, removal or addition of one or more load bearing elements. A load bearing element is typically a wall, post or foundation that supports a structural load.


How can I tell if I have structural issues? Sagging floor and/or ceiling, sloping floors, soft or uneven floors, cracks on the walls, Ridge line of the roof is not straight, exterior wall cracks that are greater than 1/8”, Strong cracking noises from the second floor. Structural repairs or structural remodeling at many times can fall into a need and not a want. Many people will ignore structural issues because they don’t understand the great damage that can caused to their possessions or the potential danger that everyone in the house are facing without even knowing. If you have any doubts please call us TODAY to make sure that one of our experts will come and inspect your house. This service is 100% free to our community in the greater Houston area.

Why everyone wants big open spaces: Many builders and architects in the past were trying to maximize the usage of living space by dividing it to multiple small spaces. This concept is no longer as desired as it used to be. Every project we design, every design meeting we have always starts with removing walls, relocating walls and doing everything it will take to make a room or a space as big and open as possible. The open concept or as it called by many “The open floor plans” is by far the most desirable layout. People want their areas to look more inviting, when people entertain they want to be together and privacy in multiple small spaces is no longer the guide line in our floor plans layout design.


Load bearing walls removal: A load bearing wall is an active structural element designed to hold weight or load. The weight load at most cases will come from the top; ceiling load, roof load or a second floor load. In some cases structural load walls or shear walls are responsible to handle external forces impact in order to keep the whole house framing standing. Those external forces can be wind, heavy load of snow or a soil pressure on the foundation projected to the house framing. A shear wall will be your vertical shield to the force applied on it horizontally.  It is always important to consult a structural engineer before you remove any walls.


Beams instead of walls: When you remove a load bearing wall you will still need to have something to carry all the weight. The most common solution is installing a beam supported on 2 sides. The size and the type of the beam is determined by the load on it and the length of the section that it needs to support. Beams can be a combination of two or three units of dimensional framing lumber or it can be a Glulam beam, LVL beam, wood beam reinforced with steel, steel beam supported by steel posts and many more. Only an engineer can determine the type and size of a beam after a site visit study.


How much it cost to remove a load bearing wall: Load bearing wall removal starts from $350 per linear foot. This price is not including any plumbing, electrical, or plaster and paint work that will be needed after to the wall removal. A flush beam will start at the cost of $500 per linear ft because unlike the dropped beam all the framing members will have to be tied to the beam from the side with joist hangers.

Warranty for structural work: Building codes are not a recommendation those are a requirement. This is why Levi Homes is performing structural repairs and modifications only after one of our structural engineers has visited the site to confirm and evaluate current structural condition and what it will take to make the project successful and qualified for our “Lifetime warranty”. We are one of the very few that provides a lifetime warranty for all of our structural work.

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