Attic Renovation

There are many steps to consider before starting an attic renovation project. First and foremost is to verify that the current floor of your attic is built to handle the weight of a living space which is different from the weights that an attic needs to handle. We renovated many attics here in Houston and  come to you with dozens completed projects. Contact me to receive a free onsite quote. I will share knowledge and know-how to help you bringing your vision into reality.

Like any other project we do the process in attic renovation is based on 4 steps


Step 1 : We meet and I consult: This is a crucial step in bringing your attic renovation vision into reality. In this step we will share information. This will allow me to first better understand your needs, and second, to price it correctly.


Step 2: I will prepare ideas & designs based on your vision, needs and your current home.


Step 3 : We will build and install based on step 1 & step 2. Each step of this process will be inspected and approved by you.


Step 4: Hand Over: Upon completion of the renovation project we will review the end result with you. Any questions or concerns will be fully addressed unto you are fully satisfied.


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