Garage Addition


  • Model: 2 car garage addition to the left, single car garage addition to the right of the house.
  • Client: Mr. & Mrs. Byde
  • Location: West Houston - Lakes of Parkway
  • Model: 2016
  • Value: $45,000
  • Architects: Levi Moran - Levi Homes LLC


Levi homes LLC offers the best selection of design ideas and the most creative room addition options for your current house. Everything is possible and with the right planning you can make the living in your house much more convenient. In the attached pictures you can see a project we did to a very nice custom house in Lakes Of Parkway. The owner wanted to convert his current double car garage into a game room and add it to the house. losing the garage was not an option so that room conversion resulted the need for additional garage space. Our double car garage addition was added to the left of the house. our attached single car garage addition was added to the right side of the house. Beautiful circular driveway made out of pavers was added in the front. And Voila!!! the house space is bigger, we got space for more cars and the value of the house with the attractiveness of it has grown significantly. After the completion of the paint job it is impossible to tell which part was the original house and part was added to it. Please email us if you want to see pictures of before and during.

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