Bathroom remodeling


  • Model: Bathroom remodeling
  • Client: Mr & Mrs Allen
  • Location: West University Houston TX
  • Model: 2017
  • Value: $25,000
  • Architects: Levi Moran - Levi Homes LLC



This bathroom renovation project started from a leak source investigation we conducted at the customer’s house. We found that the original shower was never water proofed and shower pan was never installed. In order to correct this leak, complete demolition of the shower was needed. The owner was concerned about the looks of the master bathroom once a brand new shower was installed and the rest from the 80’s. The bathroom was in great need for an update, and after several design meetings and site study we had to plan how to make this bathroom “Mableous” (a combination of Marble and Marvelous). We framed a new much bigger shower with arched ceiling, the drop-in tub was replaced with a gorgeous claw foot free standing tub. Two individual vanities were replaced with double sink vanity and a make-up area in the middle. Carrara marble was chosen to be our main ingredient in this creation. The floor got honed marble that was laid in a herringbone pattern. Sahara carrara marble border framed our floor. The Bianco carrara marble pencil drew the line on the wall to complete the 4ft vertical run and the shower was framed by the carrara white marble crown molding. This is a show stopper! One of the best designs we’ve had.


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