Stair Definitions


Stair Treads & Risers

Stair Treads are the horizontal steps of a staircase upon which we walk and the risers are the vertical pieces in between. Treads can be solid hardwood, capped with false end caps to give the appearance of solid wooden stair treads with a carpet runner or the rough framed treads can simply be fully carpeted.

The obvious advantage to solid treads is that they are authentic and richly luxurious hardwood. If a carpeted look or feel is desired carpet stair parts runners can be overlaid and fastened in place with stair rods. False tread end caps provide a similar appearance of solid stair treads at the sides of the staircase without the expense because less expensive can be laid between the caps. Carpet wrapped treads are the least expensive and was common in the 60’s and 70’s but is rarely seen today. One advantage over carpet, in addition to appearance, is the longevity of solid treads, while they will wear they can be sanded and refinished to a new state without total replacement like the carpet options. Take these factors and your budget into consideration when deciding which tread option is best suited for your situation. Cost of solid wood stairs is starting at $175 and up to $800 per step (using red oak) Call us for Free estimate to create your Custom stairs: 713-922-5715.






Solid Wood Spiral Staircases.

Lone star remodeling service creates handcrafted custom spiral staircases in the whole great Houston area. We create unique custom spiral staircases using wood, metal, oak, steel and other materials for both interior and exterior decks. Browse our product pages to view examples of stair cases that we have created and installed throughout the Houston area. Contact us today to learn how we can create an affordable staircase for your home or business. 713-922-5715

Box Newel Posts

Our box newels utilize four solid hardwood sides to create a hollow post with additional optional embellishments such as mouldings, panels and appliques. They have been specifically designed in a variety of sizes and shapes so that you can select the best option to create a bold statement without overwhelming your balustrade or space. They are hand crafted using old world techniques and are sure to withstand the test of time. PLEAS CALL US FOR PRICING 712-922-5715.


There are several factors that must consider when selecting an appropriate Straight handrail for a balustrade. There is no correct order to this decision but each issue must be addressed in order to insure that the appropriate type, style and system are used. These factors include straight, curved or both, post-to-post or continuous, profile, plow and of course wood species


Balusters or spindles are the most visible aspect of a balustrade and fortunately among the most versatile. In addition to the option of selecting a single type that repeats throughout the system, as is typical in traditional wood or craftsman styles, multiple different types can be intermingled to create virtually unlimited designs. Wood balusters can be turned, fluted, twisted, braided square, octagonal, carved and more. Wood and iron are often intermixed to create unique variations within traditional styles such as traditional, rustic, craftsman and of course contemporary. Likewise individual iron balusters are frequently alternated in unique patterns that reinvent traditional rhythms and styles. Balusters are not the only means to support a handrail however, Iron Stair Spindles, Metal Balusters ornamental wrought iron panels, glass, acrylic, fabrics, horizontal rails, stair parts and cabling are also elements that can be used in balustrade design. Contact for these components, our representatives will either give you our custom pricing or provide you with assistance locating them through our extensive network of resources.

Whether you are adhering to timeless old world designs or creating a unique contemporary piece of art, careful attention should be given to this most versatile prevalent of components. So much of what makes staircases and balustrades beautiful lies within the emotional rhythm expressed by the combination of creatively repeating designs. Look for inspiration in the architectural detail of your home such as moulding profiles, patterns in your décor or wall paper patterns or even designs from your natural surroundings.

  • Iron Balusters
  • Wood Balusters
  • Custom Iron Railing & Balusters


Home improvement – Stairs Remodeling and Renovation – Subdivision: Lakeside forest Houston TX 77042

  • This home remodeling of an Original House in Houston from the mid 70′s
  • Customer concern: Stairs are making loud squeak noises everytime you step on a stair tread. Some stair treads feel loose. We have 3 Broken balusters , newel or hand railing post is loose, Customer wanted to replace carpet stairs with wood stairs. Customer would like to change triangle shape landing to a square shape stair landing. Customer provided a picture of how the new stairway should look like.
  • Stairs building codes requires to have an even flow between stairs and the ratio of stair tread to stair riser must be the same. Building codes will not allow to have more then 3/8″ variance between stairs facing the same direction. This old house stair way had big size differences which can cause a tripping hazard. Average riser height is 7.5″, but any height between 7″-8″ will be a good size riser which will be in compliance with safety and comfort.
  • Loosened baluster and loose newel post were replaced with new baluster and new newel post. Newel post was installed and secured with very massive bolts driven to the strongest parts of the stairs framing structure. And this is how to make the stairs safe to be used, Now the stair case is much safer.
  • All faulty stairs framing was reinforced, Bad framing pieces got replaced and corrected to meet building codes. Now there is no more cracking or squeaking noises when you go up and down the stairs.
  • All carpet was replaced with new Solid Red oak stair treads.
  • Stairs skirt was added on the side facing the entry way
  • We added a wooden pony wall, and a bench next to the stairs as it shows on the catalog picture that the customer provided us with.
  • We stained oak in a cherry color and painted all trim work to match the house.

How much would it cost to build and Install a wood stairs and hand railing – and do all the described work above?
Total Cost $9650.00 Includes Life time Structural warranty, all Permits fees and Structural engineer inspection are included.

Our customers will be happy to meet with future customers to share the amazing experience they had with Levi homes. If you would like to meet with previous customers with any Remodeling project you may have like Stairs renovations / reconstruction, Room addition, kitchen remodeling, Bathroom renovation, Flooring replacement we will be happy to put you in contact with Previous customer who already experienced it with us. We will be happy to welcome you to our big happy growing family of Levi homes customers.

This Project took Place at Houston Texas next to West memorial DR, Located close to west houston belt way 8 Please look at the pictures below: