Bathroom Remodelling

Bathroom Planning Stages: Ideas, a bit of planning and a professional partner all help A new bathroom- what a nice thought!

Read our steps for achieving your dream bathroom to make sure that you’re on the right path. Good preparation allows for the following:

Check-list: What is lacking in your present bathroom? Which features are the most important? Make a note of everything you need. If more than one person uses the bathroom, the list should consider all parties.

Women often have different demands for their bathroom than men, therefore bathroom plans will have to be malleable to suit male and feminine needs. For example, separate lavatories will give each individual their own personal place of retreat. Also setting accents, mirrors and lighting to fit distinctive preferences allows for both men and women to have their bathroom design needs fulfilled. Our bathroom collection Ideas offers ideal solutions for both men and women.

Collect ideas from magazines, visit specialty kitchen & bathroom dealers and browse online at your own pace through the bathroom inspirations. More knowledge helps to perfect your plans.

The first test: Does an XXL shower and whirlpool really fit together in the same bathroom? What can stay? What will be a tight fit for the available space? Play with the floor plan and try out some different configurations!

What is having a luxurious bathroom worth to you? Good ideas sometimes cost less than you think, but can be difficult to plan without a budget to work within. Here’s a tip: Make two budgets – the first one for the full list of products of your choice, plus an alternative list. This will ensure that you are as prepared as you can possibly be when conferring with a showroom, Our consultant and designers will usually be better equipped to identify your needs and give you the bathroom of your dreams.

We can help you to find the best speciality dealer. Thus giving you the best opportunity to find the appropriate showroom that fits your shopping needs. Before going to the retailer, utilize our checklist to help you prepare for your showroom visit. Experts in the sanitation industry will be happy to set a plan for you, but they generally also know that our interior designers are more than familiar with bathroom renovations. If you happen to be looking for another creative avenue try our interior designer for your renovation project.

Bathroom Remodeling Schedule


  • Permit acquired
  • Construction Schedule is established
  • Water and gas are disconnected
  • Electrical service for kitchen is disconnected if possible
  • Dust isolation and protection for surrounding areas
  • Path to dumpster established and protected
  • Negative air-pressure is created to keep dust out of living area


  • Electrical walk-through with client to confirm location of lighting, switch configuration etc.
  • Plumbing for drains and water supplies are installed
  • Heating completed
  • Inspections for wiring, plumbing and framing
  • Insulation is installed and inspected

Bathroom Demolition:

  • Water fixtures removal
  • Existing cabinets and counters are removed
  • Plaster stripped from walls and ceilings
  • Walls and ceilings are de-nailed
  • Finish floor is removed
  • All remaining debris is swept and vacuumed to limit spread of dust during construction


  • Wallboard and Plaster
  • Interior trim
  • Finish flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Template is made for the bathroom counters
  • Painting and other specialty finishes
  • Counters are installed
  • Finish plumbing and electrical
  • Final cleanup and walk-through


  • Walls are framed for new doors and windows
  • Beams installed for enlarged openings
  • Wall framing is inspected for level and evenness
  • Evaluate floor framing and adjust if required
  • Cabinet, Shower & Tub layout is established to guide plumber and electrician
  • Cabinets are ordered

Understanding the major stages for your Bathroom remodel will help you communicate with your construction team and understand when your new kitchen will be ready.