Adding A Room

Whether the family is growing, a family member is moving in or is just about time to give your teenagers some privacy, you need more space in your house, and you don’t want to move. So now what?  room addition, a bathroom or possibly a second floor. This process is very involved and at times, fairly costly but this is money well invested. The more square feet you add to the house, the more added value.

So let’s discuss the details since we need a floor plan improvement and now it may be the perfect chance to also expand your bathroom or to have a bigger closet. Speaking of closet space, if you are adding a second floor, how would you like to have a two story closet? Or maybe you can take advantage of the situation and enlarge your kitchen. The options are really endless but since you lived in the house for so long, you know all the pros and cons and this project will be the perfect opportunity to maximize the potential of this room addition project.

First we need to understand what you are trying to achieve. Let’s assume you have a live-in nanny and you want her around but you also want to get privacy when her help is not needed. A garage apartment will be perfect for that purpose. Garage apartments are usually a second floor addition over your existing double car detached garage. So it is a part of the house but still far enough and isolated for everyone to get their time off. In the nanny or maid dorms, a kitchen and bathroom addition are needed as you really want this space to be self sustained. When the kids are grown, it will be an ideal place for them to be when the need their space like a study room or when the parents want to have some peace and quiet they just send the kids there.

If you really want to take the project to its full potential, the attic space over this new room addition can be a great avenue to allow for additional living space. Also, in many cases, garages that are not used to park cars, can be converted into a game room or a man cave which can be very cool addition to the house. The biggest advantage of renovating and modifying the garage space is the fact that it doesn’t have a direct connection with the house.

For this reason many people will design their homes to have a media room addition done over the garage. You can watch a movie with full volume, late at night and nobody will hear a thing. The room addition ideas are endless. You can design the additional living space to compliment your existing home. Levi Homes is a design and build firm that can help you create the floor plan you want and need. We can find solutions and resolutions for every situation you have with combined experience of over 60 years. We can make your vision come true.

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